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    If you're going to make it in comedy, you've got to hustle. No one knows how true that is more than Shuli Egar. His start in stand up began with him bombing night after night along the Vegas Strip, playing to near empty casinos. It wasn't until 2002 that Shuli's luck would change, when he met Howard Stern. A frequent caller to the Stern Show, Shuli was invited to play a round of black jack with Howard and the gang while the show was live in Las Vegas for the week. He won more than money that day though. Shuli was eventually offered a one-week audition for a secret position being created before Howard's move to Sirius Satellite Radio. Despite having no journalism experience, Shuli was brought on as a correspondent for the Howard 100 News team. He's been wearing his mustard colored jacket and reporting on all things Howard ever since. Shuli was born in Israel and still speaks fluent Hebrew.

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      The Howard Stern Show, Live at Gotham, Comedy Central


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