• Brendan Sagalow
  • Biography

    Not only is Brendan a super funny comedian, he is also great at writing his own bio and being completly modest about himself. Brendan was born and raised in Long island where he learned early on that the only way to get good grades in school was to make the teachers laugh. After graduating he knew he wanted to become a stand up comedian.  Known for his wit and hilarious faceial expressions Brendan has become a well known comic around New York City. After only 1 year in stand up Brendan became a regular at the New York Comedy Club and recently won the New York Comedy Club Competition. As well as produces his own show at the New York Comedy Club called "Spiked Punch". 

  • Credits

      New York Comedy Competition Winner, Mtv


    • Brendan Sagalow LIVE at New York Comedy Club
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